Dark Matter (S01E08) “Episode 8”


This episode lacked the action like fighting & shooting as in previous episodes but it made up by providing a sensational story we have all been waiting for.

If you watched the previous episodes it had a very small storyline but rather an episode by episode story either they help a group or they end up fighting a group etc. 

This episode expanded the story of the characters with the very exiting cliffhanger with 3 the suspect for 1’s wife’s murder.

1 of course found out his real face or his real look when he transferred in the pod.

In general the story had more involvement of every character excluding the girl who had no more addition to her story. 

But then they have to find a way to make all this story be exciting and more interesting. If it was a story book it would be a hell of a book but for a series it requires some sparks and attraction or it just seems like flashbacks or history channel style scenes.



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