Killjoys (S01E07) “Kiss, Kiss, Bye Bye”


The series need to make it a flowing story rather than an episode to episode story. There is a very small like 5 minutes story in every episode the rest is jut the story for that epsiode. 

But the action is really great and this epsiode was awesome! But until they don’t change this part it will never match the category of perfect series.

The part of Johnny talking to bartender reminded of Game ofThrones! When he said they are both my family 😂

Now that Yager story is over it is exciting to know what will they use now to focus. As you know since day 1 Davin came on board he was looking for Yager. 

Most likely the council woman’s request will be main focus with warrants covering the whole episode.

Just have to wait and see!




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