Humans (Finale), The Brink & Ballers

Humans: Amc’s new series which is based on artificial intelligence. It is based on a time where robots are very much in use but there is another group of robots created by the person who made robots but the difference is that they have feelings such as pain like human beings. Story goes on about the group being in danger, how one of them ends up living with a family and you have to watch and see what happens 😀 

You can easily visit their Twitter @HumansAMC.

The Brink: HBO’s political comedy where we see the real life politics in play such as USA &Israel storyline and Pakistan & India problems. The best part about this comedy is that it is funny and not just based on a single episode there is a storyline on focus and the comedy is added into it. The flow and pace are great and it is the best political series on air at the moment.

Ballers: HBO’s series which has @TheRock as the lead character and he plays as a financial institution manager. He had a career but injury prevented him to continue but now he is helping rising stars manage their funds, negotiate & other problems needed to be solved. The series depicts reality in the manner of how football players act but the problem is the storyline is short in every episode being stretched throughout and it lacks the entertainment. Lucky thing for them there is nothing else to watch on a Monday!

You can easily check their Twitter @ballersHBO.