Humans (S01E08) “Episode 8” (Finale) 

Review: As mentioned by Gemma Chan in a previous interview, Humans manages to end with a surprising cliff hanger. The 8 episode series came to an end today with the Hawkins family helping the synths get away from Hobb’s & his team. We saw the most likable character of the series “Max” get his consciousness back but Fred unfortunately gets left behind due to his code being modified by Hobbs. As we would have liked, it wasn’t a happy ending for everyone as Niska chooses to go her separate way but as we have seen in the past 7 episodes Niska will always have a plan to get her way. We finally see Leo & Mia & Max together and in some way that is closure for most of us viewers. The entire series was pure brilliance & the writers made sure that we fell in love with one or more characters throughout the season.

(This was done by our new author Germaine Perera)