The Last Ship S02E08: Episode 8

Review: Who doesn’t love a show with a plague outbreak? A zombie apocalypse? These are the few things that keep us all tuned into our televisions at all hours of the day. The last ship excited us in the first season with the entire ship’s crew fighting to stay alive & to create a vaccine. Season 2 takes survival to another extent. With the cure in hand they have to convince people they can help them. Episode 08 unfortunately was probably one of the most disappointing out of all the episodes. There was only about 4 to 5 characters who came into play during the entire episode. Captain Chandler spent the entire episode trying to convince the president of the United States to join their team & leave behind the sadistic immune Russians. For everyone who is used to watching a lot of action on every episode of the series this was quite a bore. Everybody talked themselves to sleep. We hope that the future episodes give us back that action we so crave for in this series.



(This was done by our new author Germaine Perera)