Teen Wolf (S05E07) Strange Frequencies”

Review: this episode was like yea! Filled with action. Mother vs Daughter, Doctors vs Wolves etc. Plenty of hallucinations done by almost everyone that had to protect the gang. Scott, Melia, & even Lydia. Theo and Stiles had a nice chat waiting to see who takes the body but the result was the jeep is destroyed and they get surprised real bad. 

I have to say that this episode had plenty of angles or stories the writers are playing around with. 

  1. The doctors & Kanima story
  2. Fox & Kira story
  3. Theo & Stiles
  4. Hayden & Liam
  5. Parents 

Overall everyone is involved in this season in a robust way. Romance never lacks but the episode had a weird entry of Scott and Kira most likely a thought. 

Problem is they are trying to create the horror of the doctors but then they leave a lot of unanswered questions which seems to be cool but it isn’t. There is a limit to the amount of mystery you add in this genre in other words some things have to be made clear to understand the series better. 

This epsiode has great effects like the picture on top! The car destroyed part and Theo getting punched.

The car got it’s own hashtag for live tweeting. (lucky car 😂)