UnREAL (S01E10) “Future” (Finale)

150307 unreal - UnREAL (S01E10) "Future" (Finale)

Review: this episode in my opinion lacked the dramatic background effect as in previous episodes where you feel the dramatic effects along with story. But speaking about story this one was a blast! From a ‘Royal Wedding’  to a ‘Run-away Bride’ was epic the way Rachel acted to get Adam to admit the whole running away scene and how he will dump Hannah after a year making Hannah run away and make the epic scene at the end. Rachel and Quinn had their heated moments resulting in ‘I love you’ to each other ending the epic finale. with style but the part were Jeremy visits Rachel’s mom to talk about her sickness adds to the drama. Jeremy also did the whole ‘do you think I am stupid’ act humiliating Rachel. 

This was an epic finale filled with various stories and great drama.

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