The Strain (S02E04) “The Silver Angel”

57 - The Strain (S02E04) "The Silver Angel"

Review: The excitement we felt in season 01 for the show seems to have slowed down drastically in season 2. Season 1 was all about survival. The plaque had been released, people were getting infected & changing and everyone was fighting to get away. Season 2 on the other hand seems a bit more politically driven than the usual “off with their heads” kind of attitudes. 

There is way too many dialogues, the show is being too dramatic & slow and god knows where its heading. In this episode there was a huge waste of time with Abraham looking for Eldritch Palmers former Body guard, then there was an unnecessary story of Eldritch & Abraham back in the day looking for the master… all in all this episode was quite yawn inducing with a few heads dropping on the way.