Mr. Robinson (Picked)

Mr. Robinson is about Craig Robinson (Craig Robinson) is in a small-time funk band called Nasty Delicious that sings songs about Chocolate Muffins (it’s a double entendre) and having a mirror on the ceiling. He plays with his brother Ben (Brandon T Jackson) and they’re both broke. When Craig reconnects with his high school girlfriend Victoria (Meagan Good), he finds out she’s a teacher. He wants to ask her out again, so he gets a job as a substitute music teacher at the same high school where she works. Unfortunately, he’s under the eye of meddlesome principal Eileen (Peri Gilpin of Frasier fame) and her more supportive boss (Tim Bagley). He also hangs out with the wacky math teacher (Asif Ali), the math teacher who is also a stripper (Spencer Grammer, Kelsey’s daughter), and the gym teacher, Magnum PE (Ben Koldyke). He teaches a bunch of super cute kids and he loves them so much he decides to become their teacher full time while turning gigs at night.

We will review and rate the series but the Guardian says not to watch it.