The O.C. Season 2


Review: (Season) season 2 starts with Seth coming back after being convinced by Ryan and he tried to get back with Summer who was with Zach. He ends up messing up with his own comics which he starts with Summer & Zach after they become good friends but the competition for Summer always destroying their friendships. It reach to a point where one of them had to decide to either go to their graphic novel or prom with Summer. Trey brother of Ryan leaves prison and his story was great starting out to be good and changing only to be shot by Marissa in the season finale as she protects Ryan who could have been killed by Trey. Seth’s mom also gets drinking problem after she falls for Carter and gets into a fight with Sandy but due to drinking she ends in an accident and another episode later Caleb dies from a heart attack making her drink more and more which forced Sandy to take her to Rehab.

This season had the continuation of Ryan and Marissa relationship always having something meddling in their relationship and Summer ends with Seth again after tough competition between Seth & Zach who both liked Summer.

Rating: (Season)