Pretty Little Liars (S06E10) “Game Over, Charles”

Review:  Finally we get some answers to the series. After 6 seasons of watching the girls run around, hide, experiment, scheme, get caught, end up in jail, kidnapped etc we find out who A really is. (Spoiler alert) A turns out to be non other than CeCe Drake. Unfortunately I think it is quite disappointing to find out it was her all along & that the reason she tormented the four girls was over some petty jealousy, but at long last we did get some answers.

CeCe lays down all the information of what happened & where etc. We find out that Sarah, Emily’s new special friend is just as much of a psycho as A was & it was nice to watch someone get punched in the face on this show. What this show seriously lacks is some good old action once in a while. Everything is about hide & seek and sometimes I feel like I’m playing a game of clue-do. (who killed whom where with what) All in all it was great to get some answers finally for so many questions all though it does end with a 5 years later flash forward with someone else coming after ally this time. Guess we will have to wait a few months to find out…..

Rating: 7/10