The Strain (S02E05) “Quick & Painless”

the strain logo1 - The Strain (S02E05) "Quick & Painless"

Review: Why do all these shows start off well, end off well, but in the middle they just get stagnant & keep stretching one story as long as they can. In this episode we see Abraham running around with his shiny silver sword looking for a book he thinks could destroy the master. Again I cannot stress enough how completely useless Dr. Goodweather’s son’s character is to this show. Each & every episode we see a scowling angry boy for one minute sitting on his bed & that is pretty much all we see of him. 

The rat exterminator & his crazy hacker girl friend are by far the most entertaining characters on the show, Nora is just another whiner who is either too scared or just too annoying to do anything. In this episode there was a pointless train ride in which Dr. Goodweather is planning to go to Washington, while the other three teaching the military brigade the use of silver when battling the infected.

Rating: 6/10