The Whispers (S01E10) “Darkest Fears”

1200 2x1 - The Whispers (S01E10) "Darkest Fears"

Review: Again as always we keep following the lights & running behind a wisp of air calling it “Drill”. We still have no idea where this series is going. Today finally they figured out a way to end Drill once & for all but when it came to the point of it they just didn’t, hence starting that same loop once again. Sadly I had so much hopes for this show but unless it seriously gets to some point I doubt I will continue onto the next season, if there will be one that is.

I believe we say goodbye to Wes’s wife in this episode & frankly that’s probably one of the better ideas the writers have had. She was downright useless & annoying and was too much of a complainer. This show definitely lacks the imagination of the X files, even though the story is quite similar in terms of what they are fighting. Hoping that the next three episodes end the series with a twist which would make us want to watch the next season.

Rating: 5/10