Lucifer (S01E01) “Pilot”

lucifer thumb 600x350 - Lucifer (S01E01) "Pilot"

Review: Oh god where has Tom Ellis been all my life? From the moment the show starts we see a extremely good looking man in a suit cruising around the streets of L.A. Enter Lucifer, the humans version of the devil who has dashing good looks, crazy humour & a knack for getting himself in hilarious situations. Oh did i forget to mention he is a Brit? So imagine him with his humour in a British accent… dreams are made out of these.

Of course like every predictable show its a cop movie in which Lucifer (who keeps telling people his immortal and the king of hell) helps a cop solve crime with his very keen sense of manipulating people to spill their deep dark secrets. For a pilot episode it was very entertaining, and did I forget to mention hes hilarious? I was laughing quite a bit during the show at his reactions to many things. Of course there’s some underlying story about God, demons, angels etc but that wasn’t really covered in this episode.

Here’s hoping for an amazing season and that they don’t ruin the story line & make it boring like what happened with Constantine.

Rating: 8/10