Power (S02E10) “Ghost is Dead”

power season2 640x360 - Power (S02E10) "Ghost is Dead"

Review: This series finale brought an explosive end to a gripping series of Power. This episode saw one war ending and another about to begin. The final battle between Kanen and Ghost came to a bloody showdown, with Ghost reigning victorious in the end. After saving Tommy from being imprisoned, the trust issues became worse as secrets erupted and caused a rift between long-time friends Ghost and Tommy. The final scene sees Tommy get an important call , which leaves him with the biggest and most terrifying dilemma of his life; setting up great anticipation for the next season.

I thought the story-line in this episode was well thought out; a lot of twists and turns that certainly shocked the audience. It was a great way to end the build up of tension and suspense all series long.