Super Girl (S01E01) “Pilot”

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Review: As great as this could be this is definitely not a “The Flash” & “The arrow” kind of series. For a pilot episode this was okay I guess and of course there is a high possibility that the episodes to come would be fantastic or downright horrendous. Firstly you have got to love Melissa Benoist. Her pure innocence in this role is what makes super girl so likable. That being said we can obviously figure out the plot to the series going forward.

A whole heap of prisoners from Kryptonite & other planets followed her capsule to earth & their all free and they all want revenge on super girl because its her mother who put them in prison and so goes on the rest of the series. All though “The Flash” has a very similar story line in terms of different super humans (Meta humans) need to be defeated, it had more of a depth which kept you on the edge of the bed till the next episode. I don’t see that happening right now with Super girl but then again I could be proven wrong.

Rating: 7/10