‘Lucy’ aka Tamsen McDonough speaks about ‘Killjoys’ to TV Series Hub.

Hello, we are glad to have you here and thank you for taking some of your time. Let’s start with a bit of introduction and how you came to be in Killjoys.

I was spending Christmas in Vancouver with my family when I was asked to go in and tape for an exciting new TV series… as voice of the spaceship. Being a Star Wars and Firefly fan, I was very excited. And barely two weeks later I was in Toronto.

You play the role of Lucy, is that your natural voice or do they do some magic on the computer? And is it challenging to have to give a voice-over without actually being in the scene? 

It’s actually closer to my voice than I thought it might be, but there’s definitely some very cool SPFX magic added in.

It was a little challenging as I was in a sound booth by myself (ie. no other actors).  I could hear the voice of the directors and producers piping in through my headphones while I watched the scenes on a big screen in front of me. Not that it wasn’t really fun, but just not as enjoyable as interacting with the actors.

If you had a chance to be any of the characters other than Lucy which one would you choose and why?

Wow, that’s a good question.  I think I would either like to be Johnny or Pree as I enjoy acting that involves a comedic aspect. I really love who the other characters are, but I especially like cheeky characters.

With the season finale right up, what are the chances of a renewal? We already know there is a petition running with around 50+ signatures already. What should the viewers do to get a new season? 

We absolutely love our fans, they have been so passionate about a potential Season 2.  So, I’d say just keep going with the #renewkilljoys hashtag and sign that petition on Twitter, and hopefully we’ll have good news about a renewal soon!

Who is your favourite actor on set? What makes him special? Do you have designated comedians, professionals, cheerful etc in the group?

I was actually cast after they had finished shooting everything.  However, I have been having a great time getting to know everyone on Twitter and other social media… and I ran into both Sean Baek (Fancy Lee) and Rob Stewart (Khylen) out on the streets of Toronto.

At the beginning of the season there was this aspect where the gang had a warrant and they would either eliminate or capture with a very brief storyline. We call it the “problem-solving storyline.” Do you think the show did a good thing changing from that direction in a few episodes? What do you think of those kinds of plot in general?

I really respond to a TV series that changes things up all the time, instead of sticking to just one type of plot… keeps everyone on their toes – fans, actors, writers, critics, et al. I was so pleased when I realized that the Killjoys writers (who are all so, so good) also seem to be in that frame of mind.

Which character’s story do you like the most. The relationship they have in the show.

That’s a tricky one as, again, I like to be challenged and tantalized with varying relationships. However, if there was a laser-blaster to my head and I absolutely had to pick one, I think it would be the brother/sister relationship between Johnny and Dutch. But I’m also absolutely riveted to the brother/brother relationship with D’avin and all the scenes with the wonderfully entertaining and complex characters: Pree, Fancy Lee, Nora, Alvis, and Pawter (and my guilty pleasures are the relationships with Dutch versus Khylen and Turin… scaaaaary).

Going back to yourself, which part was the most challenging one for you? And which one did you enjoy most?

The challenge was the general one we spoke of earlier: acting by myself. The parts I enjoyed the most were when Lucy was really showing her AI… she’s so cheeky, I love that!

Every fan has this in their minds once I a while. Which was your favourite scene and which episode was the best one for you?

I couldn’t really tell you as I haven’t seen the last episode yet 😉 But I think I respond the strongest to the lovely familial scenes between Dutch and Johnny.  They are emotionally charged but still with a hint of lightness and humour.

Before we end this, we would like to thank you a lot and your PR who managed to set this up for us. It has been an honor and pleasure to do this with you. One last question a fan Roger Spencer (@RogerinToronto) tweeted.

capture - 'Lucy' aka Tamsen McDonough speaks about 'Killjoys' to TV Series Hub.

Hi Roger, thanks for your question. The amazing Toronto vfx company called Mr.X designed the sexy Lucy J.

The Season 1 finale of Killjoys airs tonight on Space in Canada and Syfy in the U.S.

It will also be up online on space.ca and syfy.com after it airs.