The Last Ship (S02E11) “Valkyrie”

tv the last ship01 620x400 - The Last Ship (S02E11) "Valkyrie"

Review: This episode was one of those heartbreaking episodes. We say goodbye to two of our favourite people on board the ship. The team was on the look out for the communication device which the submarine was using to communicate which took them to an oil rig in the middle of the ocean. Unfortunately things didn’t go as well as they hoped and were under fire which resulted in them losing two members on board. 

I think this episode got to me because their deaths were so unexpected. But then again there are so many different people on board its hard to keep track of most of them. What I do miss though is the initial relationship we saw between Lt. Danny & Lt. Kara. Even though they are having a kid together, the magnetism they had in season 1 isn’t fully communicated in this season.

Rating: 8/10