‘Perfect set up for the next episode’ Fear The Walking Dead S01E02: So Close, Yet So Far 


Review: from what I expected this episode should have picked up the flow and pace and make the zombies actually start doing something or in other words try to cause this large scale panic which we didn’t actually see other than the protest, traffic jam and the last second view of the neighbours being attacked. You may add the school incident as well.

It could be a perfect way to actually bring the whole family together in next episode or maybe show them trying to meet up and the whole zombies or infected ones start piling up like in the original series. 

What I actually agree with the writers is that this episode actually was necessary even though boring to show how the brother is a drug user and how it is affecting the sister always trying to help everyone and overall making all the characters that we will be seeing the most appear and make the introduction for them so that the next one starts the real deal. 

We have much more to see such as how to kill the infected ones as in the people realising it, how the family meets up or what happens next which is the exciting part!



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