The Middle (S07E01) “Not Your Brother’s Drop Off”

Review: A very excited Sue goes off to college and the whole family deals with it differently. Mike doesn’t know how to show his emotions and starts preparing Sue for the real world. Frankie is not feeling emotional at all, but pretends to be, to spare Sue’s feelings. And Axl, well, he is the big brother who doesn’t want his little sis at his college.

Of course, on the 42 minute drive to college, everything goes wrong. They get a flat tire and Mike forces Sue to fix it (like he taught her). Stress builds up and eventually Mike sells Frankie out about her fake sadness about Sue leaving, which makes Sue mad at Frankie. Frankie later apologizes with a very touching speech: “You are gonna Sue up the world! How lucky is the world. And how lucky am I, that I get a front row seat for all of it!”.

Meanwhile Brick is wondering what his girlfriend Cindy means by taking their relationship to the next level. Even after asking Axl (and later his parents) for advice about the levels in a relationship, he doesn’t really know what to do.

The episode ends with the almost empty nesters, Mike and Frankie, being reminded by Brick that he’s “Still here”, and Sue waiting in her dorm room for her roommate to arrive. This episode was a good setup for the rest of the season and Sue’s college career!

Rating: 9/10