‘Family is Important’ Mitchell Kummen (@MKummen) Ties that Bind youngest member of the family in his interview with TV Series Hub

Hi, thank you for joining us! Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you ended up being an actor?

You’re welcome and thanks for inviting me. Well I wanted to meet Jackie Chan so when I asked my mom at about 8 years old how to meet him she told me to become an actor so that is what I did.
Previous to Ties that Bind what was your favourite role?

Probably Horns because all 6 of us kids were one big happy family, best friends on and off set. And who would not want to meet Daniel Radcliffe LOL?

What makes Ties that Bind unique and different from other ‘family’ series like The Fosters? 
Well I have not watched the Fosters but I know that this show is unqiue as it gives just as much time to the family as it does to the cop part. Nobody really gets to see what it is like to have a mom for a cop in the other shows so I like that.

Last episode we saw some brilliant insight on how high school is these days. What advice can you give to youngsters? 

Well ok. Never do drugs and don’t give into peer pressure. I know it is tough but find someone, anyone that you can trust to talk to whether it’s your parents or councellor or friend or a help line there is ALWAYS a better choice.
As each episode goes by the family gets stronger. And we saw that in the last one the whole family hanging out in the table. How important is family in your opinion? Do you think that the tension will finish between them and they will finally accept each other for who they are? 

Well family is the important thing for me!! Mine is so supportive I would not be the person I am today without that amazing family connection I have. I dont want to give away the script so I will just say that the last 4 episodes will be intense (not a big surprise).

We have now seen each member having their time to shine in the show. When should we expect your character to having like a lead in the episode? What will it be about?

Well again I do not want to give away the script and so you have to watch and see.

Would you maybe like to see an addition to the family? Maybe a cousin coming to stay or something? 

Not really. I think this family has enough going on right now but maybe grandparents that visit to check on Tim’s kids would be an interesting storyline.

What is your favourite part of the show? The investigations or the family problems?

The investigations. I never got to see the filming of the investigations so I find those interesting to watch now.
Among the cast who is like someone you admire? Can talk to about anything? Your homie like you do all sorts of stupidity together?
Oh Jonathan Scarfe. But Dion and Kelli also make me laugh and I can share things with them. Their acting is also a great inspiration. All of us have fun together.
Thank you for your time! Fans are a big part of success and here are some of their questions for you: 

Ok so the challenge I had when I started acting that I lived in Winnipeg which is a city in Canada that doesn’t have a big film industry. It was hard to get seen outside of my hometown but once I finally did and I booked it via a taped audition that is when things opened up for me.

I think Jeff is more caring as that is what his parents have instilled in him. He believes in doing the right thing (“that is what a McLean does”). I think Rachel (Natasha Calis) is just as caring because she’s raised by the same parents. I think Mariah (Matreya) and Cameron (Rhys) have just had a harder life. They care but it’s just hard for them to trust I think.

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