Heroes Reborn S01E01-2 – Brave new world & Odessa

2901526 7192509848 heroes - Heroes Reborn S01E01-2 - Brave new world & Odessa

Review : I didn’t think I was going to like it very much without the original cast. For me there is no Heroes without Peter Petrelli, but, saying that there is definitely a lot of promise for this new mini series. The premise of the show is a sequence of events which occurs one year after the massive bomb at the evo (evolved) event which saw a great number of evolved humans being blown to bits by the bomb that occurs. Noah Bennet is one of the survivors who quits his job & starts a new life because he believes his daughter died in that explosion. 

We are also introduced to quite a few new characters, starting with our favourite buy more nerd from the “Chuck” series Zachary Levi, who sadly is a villain in this & he makes a very good villain as well. Clearly his moved on quite well after Chuck & plays an assassin along with his wife who hunt & kill Evo’s because of the murder of their 6 year old son at the Odessa explosion. 

The first two episodes was pretty much an introduction to some characters & their powers, with the untimely message that there is “something coming” which is going to change the world. All we can do is wait and see but judging from the pilot I think this could be a promising series to watch.

Rating : 8/10