The Muppets (S01E02) “Hostile Makeover”

Review: Miss Piggy needs a date (no, not the sundried fruit) to the People’s Choice Awards and the gang tries to find her one. With a little help from the Muppets, she falls in love with Josh Groban and this changes her personality. It even has negative effects on her show ‘Up Late with Miss Piggy’, and the Muppets decide that they have to get rid of Josh if they want the show to go well. Kermit tries to get the old Miss Piggy back, and this leads to a hilarious scene between Josh Groban and Kermit, but it doesn’t work out the way Kermit wants. So his only other option to get Miss Piggy and Josh to break up is to change the name of the show to ‘Josh Groban Presents Up Late with Miss Piggy’. When Josh says he loves the title change, Miss Piggy realizes that he might not be the best fit for her and they break up: “So I let him go. NEXT!”. It was great to see a very happy Miss Piggy for once, but the good old angry Miss Piggy is always fun as well!

The smaller storylines of the other Muppets were great too. It was nice to see Bobo desperately trying to sell cookies so his daughter could get a mountain bike. Also Fozzie had some funny scenes when he gets invited to a party at Jay Leno’s house and starts fanboying over being friends with a celebrity: “I’m inside Jay Leno’s house and nobody’s calling the cops”. I loved the Swedish Chef’s hilarious lines as well, I hope we see more of him in the next episodes. Another great and funny cameo came from Laurence Fishburne who doesn’t really like Miss Piggy’s show and makes that very clear to Kermit. All in all a great episodes of The Muppets!

Rating: 8/10