The Goldbergs (S03E02) “A Chorus Lie”

Review: Adam is going through puberty. He gets pimples, he starts to smell and his voice is going through some changes. When Adam gets the lead part with a big solo in the school musical, the Chorus Line, he isn’t happy because his voice is going all over the place. After a hilarious scene between Adam, Pops, Beverly (or Booberly) and Barry about puberty or ‘the pubening’ as Barry likes to call it, Beverly wants to make sure that Adam can skip puberty so he can play in the musical without problems. When later the news breaks that Milli Vanilli never sang on their albums or in concerts, they decide that it’s best for everyone if they “Milli Vanilli the f*** out of that musical”. They even get Ms. Cinoman, the drama teacher, on board. But right before the musical, Beverly feels guilty and realizes that it’s better that everybody just sings their part instead of lip-sync. And that’s how they give “the best worst musical the school has ever seen”.

The other storyline of this week is about Erica. When Barry and the JTP are preparing for homecoming, Lainey realizes that Erica does not yet have a date to the dance. When Erica rejects Geoff, one of Barry’s friends, as a date to the dance because he is a total moron, Murray realizes that he might have caused how judgmental Erica is. He tries to fix it by checking out guys with Erica and Barry (who has no idea what’s happening). Erica agrees that she has to be less picky and this makes Barry tell everybody that Erica is open to any guy who asks her on a date. After a horrible experience with saxophone player Johnny Atkins and a talk with Murray, Erica decides to ask Geoff to hang out, as friends of course. I really liked this storyline. The scenes between Erica and Murray were very sweet. I also kinda like Geoff and Erica together, so let’s hope that they become more than friends in the future!

This was another hilarious episode, with great performances of the whole cast!

Rating: 8.5/10