The Middle (S07E02) “Cutting The Cord”

Review: This episode continues where we left off last week, with the big question who Sue’s roommate will be. But the episode starts with Frankie and Mike. With two kids in college, they just need a break from parenting. So they forget to make Brick dinner and they don’t want to go to his back to school night. Meanwhile Sue is constantly calling and texting her parents for advice, especially since her roommate hasn’t arrived yet. Axl, on the other hand has a lot of unwanted roommates when his house is infested with ants. He and Hutch try to get rid of them with a big bowl of syrup and when that doesn’t work out, they bring in Ferret Bueller.

Also, Brick made a new friend! When Brick has problems with some bullies at school (who pick on him because he’s the new mascot for the library, Bernie the Bookmark), an unknown boy helps him out and protects him. In the days after that, the boy keeps following Brick around with no particular reason. When Brick asks why he is protecting him, the guy explains that he just wanted to be nice because he knows what it’s like to get picked on. They seem to be hitting it off and I hope that we at least find out the boy’s name in the future because he seems like a nice kid!

Back at the dorm, Sue’s roommate Holly has finally arrived. She turns out to be a junior and is the complete opposite of Sue. A very unhappy Sue calls her parents and explains the situation and tells them in a very emotional scene that she wants to go home. Mike and Frankie decide that cutting the cord might not have been the greatest idea and rush over to Sue to cheer her up, only to find out that Axl took her out to get pizza. The last scene between Sue and Axl is very sweet when they bond over their experiences of the first week of college.

Another well-written episode with great stories, funny and heartwarming as always. I do hope though that Mike and Frankie pay a little more attention to Brick in the next episodes.

Rating: 8.5/10