Last Man On Earth (S02E02) “The Boo” (Spoilers)

Review: This episode starts with Carol still at Emco (or was it a Speedy Pump?), waiting for Phil to pick her up. Phil however went back to Tucson to find Carol there, but all he found was his burnt house. Phil is desperately trying to let Carol know that he’s back in Tucson (with balloons and a steamroller). Meanwhile it all just takes too long for Carol and she starts to think that Phil might not be coming back at all. But then she hears a train in the distance and sees that Phil sent her a message by writing it on the train. Carol drives up to Tucson and they are reunited!

Back in Tucson, Phil finds a note (to Carol) from the Tucson crew saying that they moved to Malibu, asking Carol to come as well (but she should not bring Tandy!). In all his Tandyness, Phil decides to keep this information from Carol, until he sees that she’s unhappy not knowing where her friends are. Even sculptures of the Tucson crew don’t help and make her even sadder. When Phil tells her where they are and explains why he didn’t tell her before (he is scared to confront the rest of the gang, but is even more afraid to see Carol unhappy), Carol decides that it’s not necessary to go to Malibu. But Phil knows that she will regret this, gets her drunk and drives her to Malibu. When they find the gang and spy on them, they find out that there is a new guy in the group, named Gordon (played by Will Ferrell). Carol decides to run up to them as a surprise, but Carol’s “Boo!”, scares Gordon so much that he gets a heart attack and collapses. This ending was very unexpected, but funny!

Both parts of this episode were great! The scenes of a lonely Carol were very well done by Kristen Schaal and also Phil’s ways to get in touch with Carol were funny. The other half of the episode showed the great chemistry between Schaal and Forte!

Rating: 8/10