The Muppets (S01E03) “Bear Left Then Bear Write”

Review: Kermit has a hard time telling Fozzie the truth about the bear’s horrible sketch because he doesn’t want to hurt his feelings. When Kermit and Fozzie discuss the sketch (over a glass of pumpkin spiced beer), Kermit lies and says that it is too good for the show and maybe even movie material. When Fozzie decides to go for it and write this movie, Kermit decides to finally tell him the harsh truth. Fozzie is angry at Kermit for lying and takes off to the woods to write. Kermit regrets that he lied to his best friend and he tries to find him in the woods, but right before he finds him, Fozzie gets shot with a tranquilizer dart by a ranger. When Fozzie wakes up, Kermit invites him back on the show and promises to help him out with his sketches.

When Christina Applegate shows an embarrassing video of Miss Piggy on Up Late with Miss Piggy, Miss Piggy decides that Christina and her are no longer friends: “I’m telling you this because we’re friends: we’re no longer friends”. Later Miss Piggy wants to get back at her and in an attempt to make an embarrassing video of Christina, she gets arrested by the police.

Gonzo (the “elephant beaver”) tries internet dating, but is catfishing a girl named Debbie with a photo of Liam Hemsworth. In Gonzo’s attempt to make things right, he asks Liam to explain the situation to his online lady friend. This doesn’t really go as planned and Liam even ends up with Gonzo’s girl.

I like it that it’s not about Kermit and Piggy’s breakup every week and I think it’s nice that the other Muppets seem to have a little bit of a bigger role in this episode. Also, I cannot describe to you how much I love the Swedish Chef (or Megan!?) and I want to see more. I loved this week’s three guest stars (Christina, Liam and Nick Offerman)!

 Rating: 7.5/10