The Goldbergs (S03E03) “Jimmy 5 Is Alive”

Review: When Barry accidentally tapes over his 5th birthday party, he tries to figure out how to make sure that Beverly doesn’t find out that he did it and tries that by making her think that she was the one taping over the video: “I have failed as a mother.. as a woman.. and as a human person”. When Barry sees that he hurt his mom, he decides to make a Momtage (yes that’s exactly what it sounds like and it’s hilarious), but when he accidentally tapes over some other precious memories to make this momtage, Erica convinces Barry that he has to tell Beverly the truth. When Barry tells her, she is mad and crushes Barry’s dreams of ever becoming a basketball player. After Beverly feels guilty, she makes a Schmoopilation (again, it’s exactly what it sounds like, although she does forget to mention how easily Barry can make friends with horses) and they make up.

Meanwhile, Adam and Murray build a robot together with junk from around the house, after Adam can’t get the money from Murray to get materials from the store to build one. They start brainstorming with Pops, but can’t seem to agree on anything. Adam wants a lot of cool additions like the robot Johnny Five in the movie Short Circuit and Murray, who has been watching the Weather Channel every day, wants only weather related stuff. After the brainstorming session, Adam wants to build the robot, but Murray crushes his dreams, telling him that it’s not possible and that he should grow up and stop playing with toys. After Erica tells him the same, Adam decides that he has to give up robots forever, until Murray steps in and gives him a Johnny Five, like he wanted!

Two dream crushing parents this week, but in both situations it leads to a very sweet moment at the end (and a hilarious bleep moment by the robot). The MVP of this episode for me was definitely Troy Gentile!!

Rating: 8.5/10