The Middle (S07E03) “The Shirt”

Review: When Mike starts wearing a Hawaiian shirt instead of his usual flannel, Frankie (and the others) can’t stop joking about it. He gets very annoyed at the jokes that everybody makes about the shirt and decides never to wear it again. After Nancy Donahue tells Frankie about how her husband started acting weird and went through a midlife crisis, and Mike later comes home with a motorcycle, Frankie realizes that Mike as well might be going through that same thing. It was nice to see Brick, Sue and Axl kind of bond over Mike’s shirt and the motorcycle.

Meanwhile, Devin breaks up with Axl after Sue tells her that he loves her. Sue wants to make things right after she hears about this and tries to change Devin’s mind (with her new acapella group). Devin goes back to Axl to talk about their breakup and they find out that they both want the same thing in their relationship: not get too serious. But when Devin realizes that college is about having fun, they decide that they both want to see other people, but also still see each other.

The two smaller storylines are for Brick and Sue this week. Sue becomes very excited when she realizes that all the clubs at college are no cut and Brick has to clean the bathroom and takes this very seriously. I especially loved how Brick was so dedicated to do a good job with the bathroom, but ends up only making things worse because “the filth and grime is what’s holding everything together”.

This episode had a lot of storylines, of which two don’t really seem to be wrapped up. Mike’s MANopause will clearly be a theme this season, but I’m also curious to see where Axl and Devin’s open relationship is going. Interesting setup to the rest of the season.

Rating: 8/10