Last Man On Earth (S02E03) “Dead Man Walking” (Spoilers)

Review: As it turns out, Carol’s ‘Boo’ in last week’s episode, killed poor Gordon (who apparently was Gail’s lover). At the beginning of the episode we see the Tucson crew (including Carol) mourn over Gordon, while Phil is hiding in the RV. When nobody has anything good to say about Phil (still Tandy for them), Carol decides to tell everyone that he died, when he slipped and fell off the Grand Canyon. The way she tells Todd and Melissa is brilliant, with her drawings of what happened: “No regreeeeeeeeeeeeets!”. When the group still has nothing nice to say about Phil/Tandy (and the other Phil kisses Carol, after he breaks up with Erica), Carol thinks it’s time for the final step in her plan: bring Tandy back alive. She decides to tell the gang at the worst time though. Gail is again heartbroken by the death of Gordon after she tries to teach the rest about CPR, but Carol still thinks that this is the right moment to talk about Phil and what a great man he was(/is). When everybody brings up the worst memories about Phil, Carol gives him the cue to come from behind the bushes: “Heeeeeeeeere’s Tandy!”. Phil has heard all the bad things they said about him and decides to walk away. Later, when everybody’s at the house, Tandy comes in with a gun to get everyone’s undivided attention. What follows is a great scene where he apologizes about everything that he has done (while threatening them with a gun), and that’s when Carol tells him that they had just decided to give him a second chance (right before he came in). This of course leads to the group losing their trust in Phil and that’s how the episode ends.

Kristen Schaal was great in this episode, but I also liked Mary Steenburgen’s performance a lot. Though in my opinion scenes with less people are still more enjoyable than scenes with the whole group, but it was nice to see everybody back again.

Rating: 7.5/10