The Muppets (S01E04) “Pig Out”

Review: Miss Piggy isn’t happy to hear that after her show, the whole gang always goes out, but they never invite Kermit and her. She asks Kermit why that is and wants him to tell the other Muppets to invite her (this is not because she wants to go out with them, but just so she can turn them down). When the other Muppets ask her, instead of turning them down, she decides to go with them. The evening starts off good but gets better when they bump into Ed Helms. The best scene of the episode is where everybody is doing karaoke, including Swedish Chef’s great version of Rapper’s Delight. When Scooter says that they should be going home because it’s getting late, Miss Piggy convinces him to stay and just go to work late. The next day, Kermit (who did not go out with the rest) comes to work, only to find an empty office and later an office with only hungover Muppets. Kermit does not want this to happen every day because it could hurt the show and manipulates Miss Piggy to not go out with her coworkers anymore, telling her that she’s too special for them.

Meanwhile, Fozzie accidentally shoots a t-shirt in Statler’s face with a t-shirt gun, and tries to make up with him. But Statler only uses Fozzie, to make him get stuff and it turns out that Statler is still the same old heckler he’s always been.

As I said last week, I love the Swedish Chef and I wanted to see more of him, and we definitely got more this week and it was brilliant!! I also liked Sam the Eagle’s small storyline, and it would be a fun setup for other episodes. I really loved this episode and I think it was the best one yet!

Rating: 8.5/10