The Goldbergs (S03E04) “I Caddyshacked the Pool”

Review: Adam, still not happy with his changing body, doesn’t want to swim in gym class and comes up with the weirdest excuses, until Coach Mellor tells Bev that Adam is failing the class (not in Bev’s eyes though: “I think the failing is yours, but continue…”). Beverly of course needs to solve this problem and thinks she found the solution: jams, but Adam doesn’t want to wear them. He does admit that he’s ashamed of his body, and Bev tries to talk some sense in to him by telling him that he has a beautiful body: “You’re a f*cking ten!”. Adam still wants to get out of swim class and has a plan after watching the movie Caddyshack: he caddyshacks the school’s pool. Coach Mellor is determined to find out who did it, and thanks to some confusion created by Adam, Dave Kim is the one who gets accused. After an awkward talk with Murray, Adam feels guilty about setting up his friend and decides to come clean and admits that he was the one who caddyshacked the pool.

Meanwhile, Erica wants to change the world, and starts a social awareness club at school. The club seems to be popular with the cool kids, despite the fact that Barry calls Erica a poser/poseur. After Barry joins the club, he comes up with his own ideas and ruins the whole point. When Barry and Erica have a fight about this, Erica throws Barry out of the club, which makes him start a rival social awareness club to raise money for Barity (a Barry charity, that turns out to be more like a business as he sells donuts). When Erica explains to Barry why she started the club and that she really wanted to make a difference, Barry feels guilty and gives her all the money from his Barity, as a baritable donation for her club.

I love the continuing stories this season. Johnny Atkins was back and we also saw the JTP again (with Geoff, who is still desperately trying to score a date with Erica). Again a great and funny episode!

Rating: 8.5/10