The Middle (S07E04) “Risky Business”

Review: Mike’s brother Rusty comes to town with another great business opportunity: Lil Rivals – diapers that show support for your team on the outside and you can poop on your rival’s team on the inside. This sounds ridiculous to Frankie, who waits for Mike to shoot the idea down, but instead he seems to have an interest in the product: “The monkey finally typed a sentence”. This is another sign for Frankie that Mike might be having a midlife crisis, but he tells her that he just wants to do something different in life after 25 years of doing the same thing. That’s when Frankie decides to be the supportive wife and lets Mike invest in the diapers. Despite the horrible (and hilarious) business meeting of the two brothers with Baby Barn, the company buys the product!

When Sue comes home from college and tells Brad about her horrible roommate situation, they try to solve the problem. They pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend and do ‘naughty stuff that married people do’, to get Holly and her boyfriend to leave the room. When this doesn’t work out, they go back to Sue’s car, and that’s when we see a scene that we might have all been waiting for: Brad comes out to Sue. This scene was great because it really showed Sue and Brad’s great friendship!

Axl likes to live dangerously to show his parents that he’s responsible enough to ride Mike’s motorcycle. He does all kinds of stupid stuff to show them that he doesn’t get hurt, just so that Frankie and Mike give him and Brick the right to do all the things they want to do: ride a motorcycle (Axl) and walk home alone from the library at night (Brick).

The scene between Sue and Brad was great. I loved how they handled the situation, they couldn’t have done it better! Both Eden Sher and Brock Ciarlelli deserve an Emmy nomination for this in my opinion.. Rusty and Brad are two of my favorite guest stars, so this was a very good episode for me!

If you want to read more about Brad’s coming-out, check out this interview with Eden Sher, Brock Ciarlelli and the show’s creators DeAnn Heline and Eileen Heisler: Which Character Just Came Out on ‘The Middle’?

Rating: 9/10