Last Man On Earth (S02E04) “C to the T”

Review: This episode is all about a remorseful Phil (no, I won’t call him Tandy). He wants to show the group that he’s sorry for all that he did and agrees to 5 weeks of solitary confinement. He isn’t up to it though when he sees some cheese laying around and starts eating it (in the weirdest, most disgusting scene with cheese ever on TV). This is when the group decides to put a shock collar on him to make sure he can’t get close to the house and if he does, he gets a shock. And when the others want him to stop talking, Phil even puts another collar on himself that shocks him when he makes noise. This is all because he really wants to be punished, to show the group that he has changed. Phil thinks that he has been punished enough and tries to make that clear to the gang with charades. But the group disagrees and even puts him in a small shed.

When Phil’s in the shed sleeping, he wakes up to see that there is a fire at the house. He tries to call the group (and gets shocked every time), but they can’t hear him. So he decides to put out the fire himself, even though the collar gives him shocks because he’s close to the house. With this selfless act, he has proven that he has changed and he doesn’t have to wear the collars anymore.

I like seeing Phil being sorry and selfless. Also I’m wondering what Todd is up to, so I’m looking forward to the next episodes about this! Carol was great in the last scene where she explained what Phil had gone through to put out the fire. A good and funny episode!

Rating: 7.5/10