The Goldbergs (S03E05) “Boy Barry”

Review: Lainey’s dad/Murray’s best friend Bill Lewis is back! Murray and Bill have both grown mustaches and Bev doesn’t really appreciate it. She is really annoyed with Bill and wants Murray to shave off the mustache, but even her creepy twelve blink puppy dog stare can’t get him to shave it off. She then comes up with a plan to change Bill and tries to befriend him. When Bill finds out that Bev wants to change him, they start a mustache war that seems to end when Bev shaves off Murray’s mustache in his sleep. This is when Bill gives Murray the choice: him or Beverly and of course Murray picks his wife over his best friend.

Meanwhile, Lainey is having some problems in her relationship with Barry because he’s very needy. To teach him a lesson, Erica tells Barry that Lainey is in love with Boy George. Barry decides to show up at school dressed like Boy Barry. Lainey doesn’t like his outfit and when Barry hears that it was all a setup, he breaks up with her. The only way Lainey can fix this is by embarrassing herself in front of the whole school, but because she is popular, her embarrassing rap actually isn’t that embarrassing.

Erica, feeling guilty for breaking up Lainey and Barry, tells Barry that Lainey needs him: “you embarrass her everyday by being you” and despite this she still loves him. Beverly hears Erica’s speech and realizes that Murray needs Bill. Both Barry and Bev run to the Lewis’s house in the rain to make things right. Beverly outruns Barry and apologizes to Bill, and also fixes Barry and Lainey’s relationship before Barry even arrives.

I loved David Koechner in this episode, he is really great! There was hardly any Adam this week, but he was very funny in the scenes that he was in! Oh and also: Chuck Norris!

Rating: 9/10