The Middle (S07E05) “Land of the Lost”

Review: Mike is still not himself (as we’ve noticed in the last episodes) and Frankie tries to fix it. But when he doesn’t want to take Frankie, the biker babe, out for a ride and he doesn’t want to play basketball and even stops watching the Colts, Frankie calls in reverend TimTom to help. He tries to get to the heart of the problem but even with Frankie’s help this doesn’t work. His last option is to sing his hilarious song: “Jesus never got to have a midlife crisis”, but that doesn’t get Mike to open up either.
Meanwhile, Brick is at Sue’s college to check out the libraries (and book elevator), but when she runs into Logan (the guy from Abercrombie, who took her to prom), she loses Brick. Logan and Sue split up to find him and when Sue finally finds Brick (who couldn’t get into any of the libraries without a student ID), she can’t find Logan. So the weekend wasn’t as great as expected for both Sue and Brick.
The third storyline is about Axl and Hutch, who still have a house infested with ants. They decide to call the city because their landlords didn’t solve the problem. That’s when they find out that the ‘landlords’ have been illegally subletting the house to them, and the real landlord has the right to throw them out.
Mike finally shares his feelings with Frankie: his problem is that she is turning 50 soon and it suddenly hit him that he was going to be married to a 50 year old woman (meaning that they’re both getting old). He also realizes that with an almost empty nest, the next thing in life probably is death and that’s of course kind of sad. That’s when an angry Brick and Sue come in and later an evicted Axl, Hutch and Kenny and the Heck house is full again. As Frankie narrates at the end: “All this life crap is just one big distraction from death, but it’s a pretty good one.”

I loved this episode. Reverend TimTom was fantastic, and I love seeing a vulnerable Mike. I also think they did a great job with continuity again!

Rating: 9/10