Last Man On Earth (S02E05) “Crickets”

Review: Todd is still acting weird, like he did in last week’s episode. He’s not eating a lot (why would he, when cricket casserole is on the menu?) and is acting distant. Phil finds out what Todd’s been hiding: 42 packets of bacon. When Todd finds out that Phil knows his secret, it looks like they could become friends again, but Todd makes it very clear that “it’s just about the bacon”. They don’t tell the gang about it, and Todd is feeling very guilty about that. Phil thinks that it might be a good idea to give the 3 remaining packets (yes, Todd and Phil ate the rest) to the group. Todd doesn’t want this because he’s scared that the group will find out about the fact that they had a lot more bacon, but Phil comes up with the perfect plan to hide all the evidence in a jet ski and just send it out into the ocean. This doesn’t work because the jet ski comes back to shore and the gang finds out about Todd and Phil’s secret. Phil tries to protect Todd and wants to take the blame, but Todd eventually confesses and they are both punished. This leads to a moment that could restart the friendship between Todd and Phil.

Elsewhere, Melissa cuts her finger while opening a can. She doesn’t trust Gail to put stitches in her finger because she seems to be drinking all the time. I loved Mary Steenburgen’s lines in this episode, it was funny to see her drunk.

Also, Erica has been rolling her eyes at Carol a lot because according to her she’s flirting with Phil #2 (but it was more the opposite of that). Carol tries to do anything to make Phil #2 less flirty, by changing her appearance and trying to avoid him. Carol and Erica eventually work it out, when Erica realizes that the crappy behavior of the man shouldn’t be a reason to be angry with the woman flirting with.

I liked the different storylines in this episode and I think it was pretty good overall! Will Forte’s eating has been a focus point these last 2 episodes (cheese last week). The faces he made when he was first eating bacon were priceless.

Rating: 7.5/10