The Muppets (S01E05) “Walk The Swine”

Review: This week’s guest on Up Late is Reese Witherspoon, but Miss Piggy messes up because she still holds a grudge over Reese for winning an Oscar (for a movie that Miss Piggy should’ve been cast in). This escalates when Piggy decides to join Reese in building houses for Habitat for Humanity. They make a competition of who is the best and the fastest, and they accidentally destroy the construction they just built. Piggy is very embarrassed (especially because the press saw what happened) and even cries, and realizes that she has to apologize to Reese on Up Late. After Reese apologizes to Piggy, it’s her turn to say I’m sorry and that turns in to a great performance of Miss Piggy (that seems to be more for the press than for Reese): “And that’s how you apologize, Reese Witherspoon!”.

Fozzie is still not doing great as a standup comedian, but becomes a hit when he starts joking about the personal quirks of his girlfriend Becky. She of course does not appreciate this and the couple comes to the decision to keep their personal lives to themselves. But when Becky sees how much he struggles with being funny at his next show, she allows him to tell jokes about her so he can be funny again.

Meanwhile, Rizzo hits Scooter’s car and tries to help him solve the problem by giving him the phone numbers of his unreliable relatives.

My love for Pepe is growing. I think he has very funny one-liners and I’d love to read his romance blog! Miss Piggy’s apology was over the top but very awesome! This was really not my favorite episode. I didn’t really like the Fozzie storyline very much, but the episode overall was still funny.

Rating: 7.5/10