The Goldbergs (S03E06) “Couples Costume”

Review: Beverly wants to go trick-or-treating with Adam to be able to protect him. She has the best costume for it: Preda-mom. But since Dana is in town, Adam is the least bit interested in going trick-or-treating with his mom.

Beverly tries to prepare Adam for the dangerous things that might happen, so she puts a razor blade in a piece of candy to prove a point to him. But when Erica and Barry convince Adam to go to a haunted house, Beverly loses the piece of candy with the razor in it. She tries to find it and steals the candy of all the kids in town, to make sure nobody eats the razor blade: “Spiderman, give me your *** candy! I’m saving lives.”. But of course, the kids come back to take revenge and egg the house. Beverly forces the kids into the house (after an epic battle of Predator vs. Alf) and gives them a lecture. To try and make her Halloween better, Murray dresses up as an ‘alien-man’.

Meanwhile, things aren’t going great at the haunted house with Adam. He’s so afraid that he uses Dana as a human shield and on top of it all, she loses her Green Lantern ring (that Adam gave back to her because nothing can stand in between them). Adam, mad at Erica and Barry, tells them to go get the ring and they decide to all go in together to find it. Erica soon leaves the task to Barry and Adam when she meets a cute frat boy and Barry gets so scared that he twists his ankle, so Adam needs Beverly’s help to get the ring, and his girl back.

Jeff Garlin was very good in this episode! He was the voice of reason when Bev completely lost it and it was sweet that he put on a costume to save Bev’s Halloween. The costumes on this show have always been great and this year was no exception!

Rating: 8.5/10