The Middle (S07E06) “Halloween VI: Tick Tock Death”

Review: It’s Halloween in Orson and Brick is narrating this episode like Rod Serling from The Twilight Zone, er…Night Gallery.

Sue comes home from college because she wants to spend an alcohol-free Halloween (only to spend it with Frankie, who drinks wine straight out of the box). They hand out candy and come up with the plan to egg the Glossner’s house. When Rita busts them, Frankie has had it with the crappy neighbor and actually starts chasing her through the woods. This scene is absolutely hilarious and also great because Rita eventually tells Frankie that she can’t take a house full of boys anymore, which leads Frankie to sympathize with Rita, considering her own situation at home now, with Axl and his roomies living with them.

Mike has to go trick-or-treating with Brick, who needs to get candy for his girlfriend Cindy. At one house, he sees a painting that looks just like him. The woman that opened the door tells him that she bought the painting because it looks just like her husband when he was young. They have two libraries in the house and the woman reveals that her name is Cynthia, or Cindy. That’s when Brick realizes that this is his girlfriend Cindy, but then years older, which means that Brick’s a time traveler! It was nice to see a peak of Brick’s future, as Mike said: “Congratulations Brick. Future you is quite the lady’s man”.

Axl, Hutch and Kenny, still living in the Heck house, stay home for Halloween, and have an unwanted visitor outside the house: The Grim Reaper. They are hiding in the basement and that’s when the always silent Kenny suddenly shares his thoughts on the reaper. This was a very surprising twist in the story. I’d never thought that we would ever hear him talk! The guys are so scared about what the Grim Reaper might do, that they run out of the house, back to college. In the end of the episode it’s revealed that Cindy was the reaper. She had been waiting for Brick to come home with her candy. I thought it would have been either Mike or Frankie, trying to get the guys out of the house, but this was really unexpected (and a lot funnier)!

This is one of the best episodes of The Middle yet! I loved every second of it and it gave Atticus a chance to shine (which he really did). I can’t decide what storyline was my favorite because I loved them all! I cannot believe that a show in its 7th season can be this consistently funny!

Rating: 9.5/10