Last Man On Earth (S02E06) “A Real Live Wire”

Review: The gang has no more electricity as they run out of gas to turn the generator on.  Phil #2 explains that Malibu is not the best place to live, they don’t have fresh water and there isn’t any food left. Carol agrees with this and brings up an important point that the group has never really discussed before: reproduction. She wants to have kids, but the other ladies don’t feel the same way: “No kids and we’re gonna live for the now.” YOLO! Phil #2 is not happy about this mentality and feels unappreciated for all the work he’s doing and just stops fixing things. That’s where Phil and Todd step in. They want to gain, I mean earn points with the group after the bacon incident in the last episode: “You keep this up, pretty soon you’ll be fisting the whole community”. So Phil and Todd get to work and try to set up solar panels. This doesn’t really work out when they create an electrical wire that has gone loose.

Meanwhile, Carol tries to convince the ladies to think about having kids, but even a hilarious painting of what the baby of Todd and Melissa would look like doesn’t change their minds (even though “it’s a real game changer”). Despite all the cons (no doctors, no electricity, no Sesame Street), Carol still really wants to have a baby.

Phil goes over to Phil #2 to ask him what to do with the wire, but Phil #2 ends up punching Phil in the face. The group agrees that he deserves punishment: C to the T, but Phil #2 rejects this. He eventually is the one that solves the problem of the wire, just by turning off the panels (yes, there is an on/off switch) and he decides to leave Malibu on his own. Just until Erica tells everybody she’s pregnant, with Phil #2’s baby.

I thought it was great to see Todd and Phil work together again. They are just very funny together and some of their facial expressions were already enough to make me laugh. Kristen Schaal was just so fantastic again in her scenes with Melissa and Gail, trying to convince them to have a baby.

Rating: 7.5/10