Fresh Off The Boat (S02E07) “The Big 1-2”

Review: It’s Eddie’s 12th birthday, but he makes it very clear to his parents that he doesn’t want to celebrate it. But when Jessica and Louis find out that he is throwing a party for his friends (and Mitch) at the mall, they decide to loosen up the rules. They even let him go to a sleepover at Dave’s. Dave’s mom is not very strict and it makes Eddie realize that having rules is not that bad after all.

Meanwhile Evan and Emery try to be noticed by their parents, now that all their attention goes to Eddie.

This episode was pretty great! The best part was the montage of Emery and Evan being ‘bad’ (changing an A into an A-, eating Nutella straight from the jar, etc.) and also how happy they were when they finally got grounded. Jessica’s overprotectiveness of Eddie was funny as well.

Rating: 8.5/10