The Muppets (S01E07) “Pig’s in a Blackout”

1 07 - The Muppets (S01E07) "Pig’s in a Blackout"

Review: Kermit is overwhelmed with the amount of work he has to do for the show and even faints when there are a lot of problems one morning and everything seems to be going wrong. He goes on a spa retreat (suggested by both Denise and Piggy) to rest. He leaves Scooter in charge of the show, but Scooter messes everything up, even to the point that the whole building has no more electricity. Eventually he is able to pull off the show, even without electricity.

Kermit runs into a stressed out Jason Bateman at the retreat and ends up helping him with all his problems. This only contributes to all the stress that Kermit already has, and it even gets him kicked out of the retreat. Kermit eventually finds a way to relieve stress, just by singing ‘Rainbow Connection’ at the swamp in his backyard.

I thought the scenes at the office with Scooter in charge were very funny. The scenes at the spa were not as great, but they still made me laugh. Also, I hope Sam’s crush on Janice continues for a while and actually goes somewhere because it’s fun how much effort Sam puts in her.

Swedish Chef made me laugh out loud the hardest again:

Rating: 7.5/10