The Goldbergs (S03E07) “Lucky”

3 07 - The Goldbergs (S03E07) "Lucky"

Review: Erica is having a pajama party with her friends and Beverly wants to join, but of course Erica doesn’t want her to. When Adam and his friends (AKA the coolest guys in school) hear about the party, they decide to hide Adam’s camera in Erica’s room, so that they can spy on the party. When Bev busts the boys and they leave, she is getting all caught up in watching the livestream of the girls’ party because in this way she can still be there without actually being there. But when one of the girls finds the camera, Erica gets mad at Beverly for spying and is grounding her mom from her life. This actually goes pretty well, until Erica and Lainey end up in jail for trying to  illegal tickets from a cop. Erica calls in Pops’ help, but he gets arrested as well, for driving without a license. Beverly comes to bail him out and that’s the moment when Erica tells Bev that she needs her.

Barry finds out that he isn’t allergic to dogs (something Murray lied to him about when he was younger) and begs Murray to get one (the montage of Barry begging for a dog is very funny). When they finally get a dog, she seems to be bonding more with Murray than with Barry. Barry wants to wrestle Murray to become the alpha male of the house so the dog will listen to him. Murray of course doesn’t want this and eventually they agree to share the dog.

Hayley Orrantia was really fantastic in this episode! I love Lucky. I generally don’t like it when shows add new members to the cast, but I think this might be a good addition! I also loved this week’s real life video.

Rating: 8.5/10