The Middle (S07E07) “Homecoming II The Tailgate”

Review: Homecoming is coming up and the Heck family all have different plans. Frankie is preparing a Frankie-tini to bring to the tailgate, Sue is in charge of the alumni table of the class of 2015 and Mike is determined to win the giant spatula in the annual cornhole tournament, but needs to find a new partner when Axl comes home sick with the flu.

Frankie calls her mom to ask about a dip recipe, and when she mentions homecoming, Pat decides that she’ll come over so she can be at the tailgate. Frankie really doesn’t want her parents at the tailgate, but is afraid to actually tell them not to come (because she’s “lucky to still have them”). When Pat is at the Heck house, Frankie still tries to convince her not to go to the tailgate, but not even a Costco with no lines can prevent her from going.

Besides being the liaison for the class of 2015, Sue also agrees to be the mascot at the homecoming game, but when she hears about the flu bug going around, she tries to get Axl’s germs, so she can be sick and get it over with before homecoming.

On the day of homecoming, Frankie is trying very hard to have a good time, even with her mom there. But Pat is embarrassing Frankie, so bad even that Frankie actually tells her. Minutes later though, when Frankie is around Sue, she realizes that she is also embarrassing her own daughter: it’s The Circle of Embarrassment.

Mike’s new cornhole partner is Brick, who apparently is a natural at this, but when Axl says that he’s not sick anymore, Mike has to decide which of his two sons he will pick to be his partner. Eventually he doesn’t pick one, but lets the two be a team together. This doesn’t go exactly as planned as Brick has never played in front of other people and Axl wasn’t as recovered from the flu as he thought he was. And that’s how Ron Donahue wins the tournament again, for the fifth consecutive year.

Patricia Heaton was absolutely hilarious in this episode. Seeing the Donahues is always fun, but this episode’s scenes of Sean and Nancy really made me laugh out loud. Marsha Mason was great, I loved the last scene where Pat holds Frankie’s hair (throwing up sucks, but it’s even worse when there’s no one to hold your hair haha).

Rating: 9/10