Last Man On Earth (S02E07) “Baby Steps”

2 07 - Last Man On Earth (S02E07) "Baby Steps"

Review: The episode continues with last week’s big revelation of Erica’s pregnancy after Phil #2 just confessed his love for Carol. Phil #2 of course tries to apologize, but Erica and the others in the gang don’t want to accept this. Phil #2’s actions are however a good way for Phil to get accepted back into the group again. And it really seems to be possible, certainly when Gail thinks that Phil #2 “is almost worse than Tandy” (Phil’s happy face after hearing that was priceless). To make sure that he can get back in the group, Phil shouldn’t to feel sorry for Phil #2 and also has to pretend like his black eye (thanks to Phil #2’s punch in the face) doesn’t really get better. It gets hard though when he sees that Phil #2 made baby furniture for his unborn child, but Phil tries hard not to feel bad for Phil #2. Phil #2 can’t handle the fact that the group doesn’t forgive him and drinks so much that he ends up unconscious at the beach. Phil drags him back to the house when he doesn’t wake up and puts him in the stocks so that he can do the time for the crime he did.

Carol is trying to prepare Erica for motherhood, asking her about baby names (she better not use Yorbalinda or Bezzequil) and giving her baby clothes. Carol is very sad about the fact that she is not pregnant (yet).

Todd and Melissa are still having problems. Melissa says she doesn’t want a baby, but Phil accidentally reveals to Todd that she does want one (referring to season 1). When Todd confronts Melissa about this, she says she has changed her mind about the subject.

Will Forte was again great in this episode! The scene of him in the margarita pool was fantastic. I also loved seeing Phil’s ball-friends back again, when Phil talks about When a Man Loves a Woman (well, he tried to talk about the movie, but should probably rewatch it to get his facts straight). Scenes between Phil and Todd are just great as well, like the one in the supermarket when they get Gail (the wrong) tortilla chips. I love the running gag of Gail constantly drinking: “I’m gonna go take my wine for a walk” LOL

Rating: 8/10