Fresh Off The Boat (S02E08) “Huangsgiving”

fotb 2 08 - Fresh Off The Boat (S02E08) "Huangsgiving"

Review: This week’s episode was all about ‘Louis Huang’s Huangsgiving featuring Louis and the Huangs’. It was a great and funny episode, with a lot of callbacks to last season (including some guest stars that we know from season 1). I liked Jessica a lot in this episode, she had some fantastic lines and the way Constance Wu can deliver these is just great. I’m happy that the writers use Grandma Huang a lot more this season because so far she has been hilarious. Overall, I thought this episode was good and FOTB has been consistently good in the past few weeks. Let’s hope they can continue that!

Rating: 8/10

In other news, after receiving a Back-Nine order a couple of weeks ago, ABC has now ordered two additional episodes. That means that this season of Fresh Off The Boat will have a total of 24 episodes!