The Muppets (S01E08) “Too Hot To Handler”

1 08 - The Muppets (S01E08) "Too Hot To Handler"

Review: This week’s The Muppets focusses a lot on romantic relationships: Scooter has a newfound love for Chelsea Handler and goes on a date with her. And Denise and Kermit double date with Fozzy and Becky.

Fozzie thinks he’s ready to take the next step with his girlfriend Becky (move in together), but Kermit is worried about that because he thinks Fozzie is not mature enough. Fozzie wants Kermit to get to know Becky better, and they decide to go to a game night at Rowlf’s bar for a double date. When Kermit thinks Becky is cheating during the game, by looking up the answers on her phone, he thinks he should tell Fozzie, but Denise tells him that this isn’t a good idea. The rest of the story is about Kermit trying to let Fozzie figure out himself that Becky cheated with the game, but when that doesn’t work, he spills the beans himself. It turns out that Kermit was wrong and Becky was just checking an auction on eBay that had just finished. In the end though Kermit and Fozzie are on good terms, as Fozzie is happy that Kermit has his back and Kermit decides to not be too overprotective.

Meanwhile, Scooter isn’t too happy after his date with Chelsea when she gets “way too physical, way too fast” for Scooter’s taste. He avoids her for a week by ignoring her texts, but she doesn’t really gets the message and continues to send Scooter flowers. Scooter then decides to talk with Chelsea about what his problem is and when he explains to her that it’s all going too fast, she agrees to take it slower. For me, this relationship could return in future episodes. I like it how much Chelsea likes Scooter, and in some way it just feels right.

This was one of the strongest episodes of The Muppets so far in my opinion. I thought the main focus on Scooter was fun, but the other characters were used perfect as well (I especially enjoyed Pepe and Rizzo again). Scooter’s obsession with his mom is very funny. Also the returning joke of Kermit being ignored made me laugh every time and the bit about ‘Kermit the Robot’ was great as well: “Wow look at his eyes, Robot Kermit has no soul”.

Rating: 8/10