The Goldbergs (S03E08) “In Conclusion, Thanksgiving”


3 081 - The Goldbergs (S03E08) "In Conclusion, Thanksgiving"

Review: Beverly tries to get Murray to invite his dad to Thanksgiving, not only so she can prove Pop Pop that she’s a great cook, but also because “family’s important and stuff”. Murray does not want to invite him, he thinks that inviting his “moron brother” is enough. When Uncle Marvin, Murray’s brother, comes over, he lets the family know how he’s now almost a licensed chiropractor. His services aren’t appreciated by his family though.

In the meantime, Adam is trying to make a video of him lip-syncing Cat’s in the Cradle and tries to get money from Murray to finish the whole thing. To everybody’s surprise, Murray gives him the money because, as Adam finds out, the song is Murray’s weak spot. So Adam found a way to manipulate his father, by playing the song, so that Murray will give him stuff. This is until Beverly finds out what’s going on (by threatening Adam to make him play catch with his dad, with the ball with the sewing). She tells him to stop manipulating Murray, but only after Adam uses Cat’s in the Cradle to invite Pop Pop to Thanksgiving dinner.

When it’s finally Thanksgiving, it looks like Pop Pop won’t show up for dinner. It is revealed that this is because Marvin, who had agreed to pick him up, purposely didn’t do it. When Murray is picking up Pop Pop, Pops thinks it’s time for a toast, a tradition that he wants to pass on to one of his grandkids. Erica is ready to give a heartfelt speech, but when she wants to start talking, Barry comes in to deliver his epic toast, which includes a smoke machine, a pilgrims costume, basketball, and baby pictures. When Pop Pop finally arrives things start to heat up. Marvin doesn’t want to eat inside if his dad is there as well, Murray finds out about Adam’s little scam and Erica tries to deliver her new and improved toast, but only ends up ruining the Thanksgiving decorations. Murray has had it with all the fighting and decides to remove the table leaf, but hurts his back while doing this. That’s where Marvin comes in (inspired by a second, great toast of Erica), with his chiropractor skills: “Marvin saves Thanksgiving. Marvin! Marvin!!”. So in the end, Thanksgiving turns out to be great.

The different interpretations of Cat’s in the Cradle were hilarious (“The cat eats the baby with the silver spoon” LOL). The dynamic between Marvin and Pop Pop was very funny! The last scene between Adam and Murray, after Murray sees the credits of Adam’s video, was very sweet and actually made me cry a little. A fantastic performance there by Jeff Garlin! A very funny episode with a very good and heartfelt ending!

Rating: 9.5/10

Some good news for the loyal Goldnerds out there! ABC has ordered 3 additional episodes for The Goldbergs. 2 of these are regular episodes, 1 episode will be a clip show. The total number of episodes for this season of The Goldbergs will be 25.