The Middle (S07E08) “Thanksgiving VII”

Review: When Frankie finds out that she’ll be out of a job until January, she decides to get back to her job at Heritage Village (where she worked in season 2). To get this job, she has to work on Thanksgiving, but the rest of the Hecks don’t really care that they won’t celebrate the holiday. On Thanksgiving everybody goes their separate ways:

Sue, while working at Spudsy’s, tries to, casually, find out if Logan is working as well. Because of the Thanksgiving-rush, I mean Black Friday eve-rush, at the mall, Sue can’t swing by Abercrombie to find out if Logan is working. After working three shifts(!), she finds out that Logan wasn’t working during Thanksgiving because he was in Chicago visiting his grandma. The scene between Sue and Brad, after Sue’s worked 3 shifts was fantastic. Great performances by both actors!

Axl is hanging out with Hippie Sean at the bar, and they’re talking about life. Axl shows his vulnerable side, when he tells Sean that life isn’t treating him well these days (the writers seem to go for a longer storyline in this direction, as he also opened up about his life last week). He even cries in front of all his friends, trying to explain that he’s doing great and everything is going fine.

An unprepared Frankie at Heritage Village runs into some problems with her co-worker (guest star Faith Ford). Frankie doesn’t really follow the rules to make the village look as authentic as possible, and gets into a fight with the co-worker about whether to use a mixer or a wooden masher to mash the potatoes. Because of this, Frankie gets demoted to cinder girl, which is kind of sad, but in this position she does realize all the things she can be thankful for (the car that breaks down isn’t one of those things though).

And when the power goes out in the house, Mike’s plans to watch football all day fall through and he decides to teach Brick how to play poker. Brick learns how to bluff, but can’t really pull it off with his tell, whispering: “I’m bluffing”. After an evening of playing, one by one the rest of the family comes in the house. Sue comes home tired, Axl comes home after quite a depressing evening and Frankie comes home and gets happy after seeing her whole family together, playing poker.

This episode was very funny and the ending was heartwarming. When it all comes down to it, family is still the most important thing to be thankful for! A lot of great guest stars from earlier seasons in this episode and also a great performance by Faith Ford! I wouldn’t mind it if they would bring her in more often!

Rating: 9/10

Good news for fans of The Middle! ABC has ordered 2 additional episodes for the show. The total number of episodes for this season of The Middle will be 24.